Our practice is deeply rooted in the principles of attachment and Jungian theory. Understanding where are attachment wounds come from allows us the ability to hold and heal them when they show up in our present lives and relationships.  In addition, we pride ourselves on working in the dark, the places that 'we' have exiled in order to be loved and belong.  We welcome those parts back with compassion and understanding and together we do the work of holding and integrating them into our own authentic self so we may show up as all of our parts, the messy, the human, the flawed, and the loved.  

BlooomTherapy understands the demands of living and/or working and therefore prioritizes creating a practice that is flexible and meets the individual needs of the people they work with. Our therapists work individually, in families, in couples, or in groups, and offer flexible scheduling, pricing, and modes of communication including telecommunication, email and text communication.


Let us be your trail guide, familiar with the path... We keep you hiking through the hard parts.

"Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."- Pema Chodron