Group Therapy

Group therapy brings together a  group of individuals who share common concerns, struggles, and feelings around their self-journey. Under the facilitation of the group leader, members share and explore their journey and how it impacts the way they live into relationships, family, and community belonging in their lives.  Hear the medicine that is offered through different points of view and coping strategies, and receive encouragement from others facing similar issues. Group therapy provides participants a powerful opportunity to share and learn from others in a safe and supportive environment.

Motherhood Circle- This group is geared toward expectant mothers and/or new mothers. This group is different than a typical 'new mom's group." Its orientation is around the psycho-emotional challenges that come with the journey of mother. This group is an opportunity to share your thoughts and feeling around this life transition, body image, work stress, your relationship to your partner, sexuality, and anxiety around navigating your health and the health of your family so that you can love and enjoy mothering.

Women's Group- This group is geared toward all women looking to join a village of like-minded females to face the parts of themselves they struggle with, so they can grow on their own personal journeys with the support and witnessing of other women. We cannot hold all the beauty and sadness of the world alone.

Men's Group- This group is geared towards all men looking to work on discovering insights about their own emotions and how they impact their relationships with others romantically, platonically, and in the workplace.  This group is an offering to help support men in doing their own work around self-discover.

Couples Group "3rd Body"- We cannot sustain marriages/partnerships alone.  This group is geared towards couples who are seeking a village/community of other couples doing the hard work of partnership together.  We will visit eachothers individual and couple dynmamics together through reflections, support, and love.  

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